Lily and her family have so very little left to them until one day an unexpected visitor shows up at their back door, and the healing process begins.

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 Lily the fairy queen of quilting takes you back through the mists of time to find the earliest know examples of quilting: but she doesn't leave you there....slowly she will work her magic and before you know it you will be back safely in your seats viewing her varied and colorful trunk show of scrap quilts. A whimsical look at history that will answer questions like: what did the Pharaohs of Egypt and Henry the 8th have to do with quilting...and...well you will see.

The Quilt Lady Stories 

Lily and her neighbors form their first guild, care for one another, and trade fabric, goods and advice just to make ends meet. Thrift, Barter and Sisterhood become the key elements of Depression survival.