Civil War

The Quilt Lady Stories  

Depression Era

Fairy Queen

​​​ Mail Order Bride

​​​​​ A costumed actress and quilter stitches together historically accurate happenings with fictional characters to tell the story of each quilt in the trunk show which accompanies the tale.

​Civil War, Depression Era, Scraps and Quilting History and other stores are available.  Special consideration is giving to how the women in each era coped with the many events of her times.  Great for guild programs and other groups. 

NEW STORY : Mail Order Bride - what happens when a young orphan is engaged to the wrong man? The 1870's are hard, and single men on the West coast want brides, families and futures. Unmarried girls on the East coast are looking to live their dreams or simply to escape nightmares. Find out what happens to Lily in her particular situation.